Year-Round Comfort

Perfect Climate Heating & Air Conditioning wants nothing more than to provide our clients year round comfort. To families everywhere, this means providing an HVAC installation that keeps you warm in the winters, cool in the summers, and the best products around for indoor air that is pure and free of allergens. We offer the complete package when it comes to climate control in your home, take a look at our list of services below:

heater machine


Stay comfortable during those cold winter months by outfitting your home with a robust heating furnace. At Perfect Climate Heating & Air Conditioning, we have encountered and worked with every type of HVAC system out there. We have the knowledge and wherewithal to perform HVAC installation and repair on the most sophisticated units on the market.
Clients can be confident in our technicians’ understanding of furnaces of all types. Whether your home uses a natural gas, electric, or induction furnace, the team at Perfect Climate Heating & Air Conditioning will have worthwhile solutions available.

Airconditioning Machine


While summer weather is always welcome, nothing is worse than being unable to escape the heat. Poorly equipped homes are heat traps that only amplify the outdoor temperatures. Keep the heat at bay with a high end air conditioning unit. Perfect Climate Heating & Air Conditioning has experience performing HVAC installation of units manufactured all over the country. We offer a full line of energy efficient and environmentally friendly heat pumps, gas/electric systems, packaged units, mini splits, and entire home duct replacements to suit your individual heating and cooling needs!

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Indoor Air Quality

When spring comes around, there is much more than just good vibes and sunny weather in the air. Often times, pet dander, pollen, and other allergens get into your home, and worse, your air ducts! We will help improve your indoor air quality with electronic air cleaners, uv lights, media filters and scheduled cleanings.

Maintenance Contracts

Because your heating and cooling needs are important to us we offer year round contracts. Contracts include spring and fall cleanings with a 15% discount on all repairs.

24/7 Emergency Service is available without overtime fees.

 Contact Perfect Climate Heating & Air Conditioning at 864-395-6539 for more info!

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